FP & MC (by book)

The following is a list of the two most recent FPMC pieces organized alphabetically by character. Navigate to each character's page to find their entire history.

If you're interested in the reading the book chronologically, check out FPMC.


AVAEL is a bionic vampress who assists CEDRIC with his many responsibilities.


CANDY and YUKI are two sisters trying to grapple a changing reality.


CEDRIC is a daywalking vampire who has sworn his afterlife to destroy evil and greed.


CASSANDRA GOTH is a child of old-money trying to find her way among strange and fantastical creatures.

  • in which Cassandra follows Larry downtown for his first appointment
    周三 23 Feb, 2022
  • in which Larry has received a recommendation for a new psychiatrist
    周日 23 Jan, 2022


JUNIOR is a frustrated younger sister vying for dominance in an uncooperative world.


MAKOA KEALOHA is a young man trying to cut through resentment of forced isolation and claim a family of his own.

  • in which Straud and Makoa discuss the Embrace and the youngling's daughter, Nani
    周一 06 Jun, 2022
  • in which Makoa and Sebastian speak on the very real dangers of exploration
    周二 08 Feb, 2022


KEVIN MARSCAPONE is a magic-user seeking to overcome childhood illness and maintain a fair and just society.


MANDARC SOO is a young vampire learning the value of a trustworthy first officer.


MYRTLE MARSCAPONE is the Magicademy's ex-headmistress atoning for sins against Elysion.


FRIDAY PERKINS is a capable magic-user aiming to eliminate the competition.


PIDGE is a record featuring Davian Hughes, Chiasa Chinoko, and Ben.


ROXANNE SCHWARTZ is one of the most recent of STRAUD's conversions.


VLADISLAUS STRAUD is surrogate father to many a young vampire.


VANESSA & ZHANGWEI TANG stand on opposite sides of the conflict following the death of their mother.


LENARD TRELAINE is a foreign doctor who takes his job very seriously.


TZU PRANO is a cheerful magic-user pursuing life as a doctor.

  • in which Tzu takes part in an important conversation
    周二 25 Jan, 2022
  • in which Tzu talks to Makoa Kealoha who seems to have had a change of heart
    周四 20 Jan, 2022


ABRAHAM VAN HELSING is a magic-user determined to rid the world of monsters.


LILITH & CALEB VATORE are two vampires navigating a vegetarian ancestry.

  • in which Trente babbles, half-mad, about the Thief
    周一 23 May, 2022
  • in which Caleb surprises Trente with his conviction
    周五 13 May, 2022


VINCENT MARSCAPONE is an aged and well-traveled Vampire claimed by some to be the Prince of Elysion.


BRONALD WEASLIE is a middling mage hoping to discover a grander destiny.