Dear Journal –

Ever since my sister got this new gig as housesitter she’s been outta my hair. I repurposed her room – got the treadmill and computer desk set up. Hope she doesn’t mind but she’s not supposed to be back for months.

It’s been a good week. Finally cracked 1M views – well – I guess technically not yet cause some of the views are mine… but I’m on track to. Finally!

I guess it’s not so bad that my sister has cooler friends than I do. I like her houseparties and I’ve been getting close to one of the guys. His name is Mandarc. He’s kinda sensitive but not too much so. I met him at an all-night dance party they were having at the Ruins. It was a good time but shit I was tired at the end of it. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself by ordering a round of drinks to try and keep me going but by around 3 I just couldn’t think straight.

– Yuki