| + Junior's State of the Union

  • When I loaded into the Landgraab household, the leading lord and lady had glitched out to have no relationship at all; they weren’t broken up or exes or anything like that – the bar had just set itself to zero.
  • I quickly got them engaged and am setting it straight for the story by saying they broke up, did not fully separate, and reconciled. They are pre-wedding ceremony and I will save the marriage for later I guess.
  • Gemma Charm lives here as the last extant member of the Charm family. I did not kill Darrell on purpose but he is gone without a way to get him back.
  • Gemma and Malcolm supposedly went to high school together.
  • Pretty sure Gemma aged up during the Happy Birthday Crisis because she has the trait ‘Slob’ and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have chosen that for her.
  • G. Landgraab has established himself as a friend to Viraj, not that it’s the be-all, end-all of this reality.
  • There is a certain reality in which Cedric can spy on the Landgraabs but I’m unsure how this moves forward into the current reality.