Counting 1-20 (ENG)
Using the open-source Anki flashcard program, practice sight-reading numbers with young children. 119 cards, each with a spoken number. Visualizations are inspired by Common Core bars(5) and pips(1). Deck provides foundations for addition without using notation.

Full Spectrum
Inspired by the popular game Qwirkle, Full Spectrum is a similar game that may be played by a single player through the browser.

Map Generator
A map generator for dungeons, caves, towers, manors, and other enclosed spaces. Uses the open-source d20 SRD to create tools to assist GMs in adventure creation.

Orbis Sensualium Pictus is a textbook for children written by John Amos Comenius, published in 1658. It was first written in Latin and German and later translated into many other European languages. I first encountered the Orbis Pictus at Project Gutenberg during a survey of works in the public domain. In January 2020, I started a translation of this work into modern English and simplified Chinese. I will be leaving the Latin as is.

Oscar Gold