Dear Journal –

It’s been a busy week. Mr. Straud has me working on updating our site detailing our past performances. He wants all kind of fancy Javascript and I don’t really know how to do it. But I’ll just have to figure it out.

Life has been okay lately. But I have one major problem. Or, major if I’m correct.

I’ve been becoming friends with Mandarc. He is one of Mr. Straud’s assistants. We have become close, but I don’t know; there’s still something strange about him. I think, and I don’t want it to be true but I just don’t know what else it could be… I think he might be gay. For that matter, maybe Mr. Straud is gay, too. Maybe that’s why they’re working together.

Mr. Straud I can kind of see, but I’m still not so sure about Mandarc. He says his last girlfriend was named Friday (weird name, huh?) but he could either be bi or just lying to me. I hope neither is true. Well, I should take that back; I don’t really care if he’s bi. I mean, hell, look at my sister.

I’m just getting attached so I really hope he’s not gay and looking for a fag hag. No, that couldn’t be it.

Maybe his last relationship was a real doozy and he’s just hesitant to jump into something so quickly. I can understand that.

I will keep waiting and watching and keep you posted.

– Yuki