Fineus is a priest currently doing research in the City of Zandalar.

In life he was a human mage but since his ‘dark rebirth’ as a Forsaken, he has forgotten much of that life. He can see certain tiny memories, and soon after his Turning, he was obsessed with trying to divine the past. He wanted desperately to remember the secrets of Fire and Frost evocations now lost to time. But it seemed like a folly to concern oneself with the past when the current conflicts cast such a dark shadow over Azeroth.

Fineus was one of the first revived Forsaken who were found able to channel Light magic. The Dark Lady was personally involved with ensuring that he received proper support for his development.

Light cannot heal undead creatures ; the young priest was employed as a healer for the orcish army in the Northrend conflict. He continued his focus on healing magicks and is now able to use shadow-magicks to restore vitality to even the Living Dead.

Fineus is a serious man involved in his work. He is dependable and never breaks the rules of ettiquette but would never be described as ‘warm’ or ‘welcoming’. He has an extensive Rolodex and plenty that owe him a favor, but whom does he call a friend?