Avaelle started her career as an adventurer as a Blood Knight of Silvermoon. She had plenty of … zeal … but her carefree nature made life as a paladin difficult. She always had an uncanny knack for cleaning up the bad guys ; she was certainly a favorite child of the Light.

But she was ill-suited for the life of the Order under Liadrin.

She finally realized, in a difficult period of her life, that her fellow paladins were laughing at her, rather than with her. She fled into the wilderness and found Joy return to her. Avaelle still does her daily devotions but she never uses the magic taught to her by the Order unless absolutely necessary. She has developed nature-based magics to aid her animal companions as she does not believe animals should be healed by the Light, and instead should seek the Wild.

Avaelle finds herself an outcast of the Alliance but feels uneasy about the Undead. She accepts Fineus out of allegiance to the All-Knowing Light.