Looking over this blog, I’ve posted a lot of recipes with tons of sugar in them. Well, it feels a bit like I’ve put my foot in my mouth as the family has started a lower sugar diet.

In light of the research that cites sugar intake as one of the primary problems with the modern American diet, we’ve decided to cut much of the carbs and refined sugar out of our lifestyle. You can find plenty of rhapsodizing about how great it is elsewhere on the Internet, so I’ll make it short. I feel better and have more stable energy throughout the day. Our diet is meat with vegetables and fruits. Regardless of how restrictive that may sound, my appetite has decreased over the weeks we’ve been on the diet and I’m eating about how much meat I used to eat in addition to carbs.

However, I do miss baking. I made some pumpkin cookies with lower sugar to feed as a snack to the kids recently. They were tolerable with the lower sugar level, but the flour is still a problem. (I used about half flour, half oats) I ate one entire cookie one evening and did experience what I would call a ‘sugar crash’ about an hour later. I’ve stuck with lower portions if I do indulge, since that cookie proved problematic.

Anyway, I’m rambling, but currently trying to contemplate how baking fits in with our new lifestyle. I do not think bread made with sourdough starter and fermented would be too big of a problem, but I’ve been unable to dedicate the time to the preparation. I’m keeping the starter alive though he too needs a change in lifestyle.

Pork is a nice sweet meat.

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