Name Release Date Form
Alistar the Minotaur 2009-02-21 talking-animal-male
Annie the Dark Child 2009-02-21 human-female
Ashe The Frost Archer 2009-02-21 human-female
Fiddlesticks the Harbinger of Doom 2009-02-21 spirit-male
Jax , Grandmaster at Arms 2009-02-21 humanoid-male
Kayle the Judicator 2009-02-21 humanoid-female
Master Yi the Wuju Bladesman 2009-02-21 humanoid-male
Morgana Fallen Angel 2009-02-21 humanoid-female
Nunu the Yeti Rider 2009-02-21 human-male-yeti-male
Ryze the Rune Mage 2009-02-21 human-male
Sion the Undead Juggernaut 2009-02-21 humanoid-male
Siver The Frost Archer 2009-02-21 human-female
Soraka The Starchild 2009-02-21 humanoid-female
Teemo the Swift Scout 2009-02-21 yordle-male
Tristana the Yordle Gunner 2009-02-21 yordle-female
Twisted Fate the Card Master 2009-02-21 human-male
Warwick the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun 2009-02-21 talking-animal-male
Singed the Mad Chemist 2009-04-18 human-male
Zilean The Chronokeeper 2009-04-18 human-male
Evelynn , Agony's Embrace 2009-05-01 humanoid-female
Twitch the Plague Rat 2009-05-01 talking-animal-male
Tryndamere the Barbarian King 2009-05-01 human-male
Karthus the Deathsinger 2009-06-12 spirit-male
Amumu the Sad Mummy 2009-06-26 yordle-male
Cho'Gath the Terror of the Void 2009-06-26 monster-male
Anivia the Cryophoenix 2009-07-10 animal-female
Rammus the Armordillo 2009-07-10 talking-animal-male
Veigar the Tiny Master of Evil 2009-07-24 yordle-male
Kassadin the Void Walker 2009-08-07 humanoid-monster-male
Gangplank the Saltwater Scourge 2009-08-19 human-male
Taric the Shield of Valoran 2009-08-19 human-male
Malphite , Shard of the Monolith 2009-09-02 construct-male
Janna the Storm's Fury 2009-09-02 human-female
Blitzcrank the Great Steam Golem 2009-09-02 construct-male
Dr. Mundo the Madman of Zaun 2009-09-02 human-monster-male
Katarina the Sinister Blade 2009-09-19 human-female
Corki the Daring Bombardier 2009-09-19 yordle-male
Nasus the Curator of the Sands 2009-10-01 talking-animal-human-male
Heimerdinger the Revered Inventor 2009-10-10 yordle-male
Shaco the Demon Jester 2009-10-10 spirit-male
Udyr the Spirit Walker 2009-12-02 human-male
Nidalee the Bestial Huntress 2009-12-17 human-female
Poppy , Keeper of the Hammer 2010-01-13 yordle-female
Gragas the Rabble Rouser 2010-02-02 human-male
Pantheon the Artisan of War 2010-02-02 human-male
Mordekaiser the Iron Revenant 2010-02-24 spirit-construct-male
Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer 2010-03-16 human-male
Shen the Eye of Twilight 2010-03-24 human-male
Kennen the Heart of the Tempest 2010-04-08 yordle-male
Garen The Might of Demacia 2010-04-27 human-male
Akali the Fist of Shadow 2010-05-11 human-female
Malzahar the Prophet of the Void 2010-06-01 humanoid-male
Olaf the Berserker 2010-06-09 human-male
Kog'Maw the Mouth of the Abyss 2010-06-24 monster-male
Xin Zhao the Seneschal of Demacia 2010-07-13 human-male
Vladimir the Crimson Reaper 2010-07-27 humanoid-male
Galio the Colossus 2010-08-10 construct-male
Urgot the Dreadnought 2010-08-24 monster-male
Miss Fortune the Bounty Hunter 2010-09-08 human-female
Sona , Maven of the Strings 2010-09-21 human-female
Swain the Noxian Grand General 2010-10-05 human-male
Lux the Lady of Luminosity 2010-10-19 human-female
LeBlanc the Deceiver 2010-11-02 human-female
Irelia the Blade Dancer 2010-11-16 human-female
Trundle the Troll King 2010-12-01 monster-male
Cassiopeia the Serpent's Embrace 2010-12-14 humanoid-animal-female
Caitlyn the Sheriff of Piltover 2011-01-04 human-female
Renekton the Butcher of the Sands 2011-01-18 monster-male
Karma the Enlightened One 2011-02-01 human-female
Maokai the Twisted Treant 2011-02-16 construct-male
Jarvan IV the Exemplar of Demacia 2011-03-01 human-male
Nocturne the Eternal Nightmare 2011-03-15 spirit-male
Lee Sin the Blind Monk 2011-04-01 human-male
Brand the Burning Vengeance 2011-04-12 human-spirit-male
Rumble the Mechanized Menace 2011-04-26 yordle-male
Vayne the Night Hunter 2011-05-10 human-female
Orianna the Lady of Clockwork 2011-06-01 construct-female
Yorick , Shepherd of Souls 2011-06-22 human-spirit-male
Leona the Radiant Dawn 2011-07-13 human-female
Wukong the Monkey King 2011-07-26 animal-male
Skarner the Crystal Vanguard 2011-08-09 animal-male
Talon the Blade's Shadow 2011-08-24 human-male
Riven the Exile 2011-09-14 human-female
Xerath the Magus Ascendant 2011-10-05 spirit-male
Graves the Outlaw 2011-10-19 human-male
Shyvana the Half Dragon 2011-11-01 humanoid-female
Fizz the Tidal Trickster 2011-11-15 yordle-male
Volibear the Thunder's Roar 2011-11-29 animal-male
Ahri the the Nine-Tailed Fox 2011-12-14 humanoid-female
Viktor the Machine Herald 2011-12-29 humanoid-male
Sejuani , Fury of the North 2012-01-17 human-female-animal-mount
Ziggs the Hexplosives Expert 2012-02-01 yordle-male
Nautilus the Titan of the Depths 2012-02-14 construct-male
Fiora the Grand Duelist 2012-02-29 human-female
Lulu the Fae Sorceress 2012-03-20 yordle-female
Hecarim the Shadow of War 2012-04-18 animal-spirit-male
Varus the Arrow of Retribution 2012-05-08 human-male
Darius the Hand of Noxus 2012-05-23 human-male
Draven the Glorious Executioner 2012-06-06 human-male
Jayce the Defender of Tomorrow 2012-07-07 human-male
Zyra , Rise of the Thorns 2012-07-24 humanoid-female
Diana , Scorn of the Moon 2012-08-07 human-female
Rengar the Pridestalker 2012-08-21 talking-animal-male
Syndra the Dark Sovereign 2012-09-13 human-female
Kha'Zix the Voidreaver 2012-09-27 monster-male
Elise the Spider Queen 2012-10-26 humanoid-animal-female
Zed the Master of Shadows 2012-11-13 human-male
Nami the Tidecaller 2012-12-07 humanoid-female
Vi the Piltover Enforcer 2012-12-19 human-female
Thresh the Chain Warden 2013-01-23 spirit-male
Quinn , Demacia's Wings 2013-03-01 human-female
Zac the Secret Weapon 2013-03-29 construct-male
Lissandra the Ice Witch 2013-04-30 humanoid-female
Aatrox the Darkin Blade 2013-06-13 humanoid-male
Lucian the Purifier 2013-08-22 human-male
Jinx the Loose Cannon 2013-10-10 human-female
Yasuo the Unforgiven 2013-12-13 human-male
Vel'Koz the Eye of the Void 2014-02-27 monster-male
Braum the Heart of the Freljord 2014-05-12 human-male
Gnar the Missing Link 2014-08-14 monster-male
Azir the Emperor of the Sands 2014-09-16 humanoid-male
Kalista the Spear of Vengeance 2014-11-20 spirit-female
Rek'Sai the Void Burrower 2014-12-11 monster-female
Bard the Wandering Caretaker 2015-03-12 spirit-monster-male
Ekko the Boy Who Shattered Time 2015-05-28 human-male
Tahm Kench the River King 2015-07-09 monster-male
Kindred the Eternal Hunters 2015-10-14 monster-female-spirit-male
Illaoi the Kraken Priestess 2015-11-24 humanoid-female
Jhin the Virtuoso 2016-02-01 humanoid-male
Aurelion Sol the Star Forger 2016-03-24 monster-male
Taliyah the Stoneweaver 2016-05-18 human-female
Kled the Cantankerous Cavalier 2016-08-10 yordle-male-animal-mount
Ivern the Green Father 2016-10-05 construct-male
Camille the Steel Shadow 2016-12-07 humanoid-female
Rakan the Charmer 2017-04-19 humanoid-male
Xayah the Rebel 2017-04-19 humanoid-female
Kayn the Shadow Reaper 2017-07-12 humanoid-spirit-male
Ornn the Fire Below the Mountain 2017-08-23 humanoid-male
Zoe the Aspect of Twilight 2017-11-21 spirit-female
Kai'Sa , Daughter of the Void 2018-03-07 human-monster-female