I.P. Years Main Character Notable Females Notales Males
Little Mermaid 1989 Ariel (F) Ursula (Witch, ambitious) Father (King, traditionalist)
Beauty and the Beast 1991 Belle (F) Mrs. Potts (servant, caretaking) Gaston (hunter, narcissistic), Father (inventor, doofus), Lumiere & Cogsworth (servants)
Aladdin 1992 Aladdin (M) Jasmine (princess, daddies-girl) Genie (M), Abu(M), Jafar
Finding Nemo 2003 Marlin (M), Dory (F) Dory (NPC, disabled) Marlin (Father, nervous)
Cars 2006 Lightning McQueen (M) Sally (Porsche lawyer, hard-working) Doc Hudson (Mentor, proud), Mater (sidekick, redneck)
Ratatouille 2007 Remy (M) Colette (cook, hard-working) Linguini (apprentice, incapable), Skinner (chef, greedy)
Brave 2012 Merida (F) Mother (Queen, traditionalist) Father (King, doofus)
Home 2015 Tip (F), Oh (M) Mom (Single, working) Oh (Alien, clueless)
Zootopia 2016 Judy (F), Nick (M) Judy (police officer, love-my-job) Nick (sidekick, con artist)
Trollhunters 2016-now Jim (M) Mother (Doctor, naive), Claire (student, capable) Tobias (sidekick, buffoon)