Food inventions are few and far between, can’t predict when that happy accident will create a potato chip. Though I’m too lazy to go fact-check it now, I’m sure the 90s saw many inventions of new treats for us to try. The one on my mind is the Toaster Scramble. These sorts of mass-produced treats are reliable, easy to prepare the stomach and mind for the morning meal.

I think the Toaster Strudel came first in the inventing order but the sweets don’t draw me in. Yes, I’m taking a break from the no-sugar to try low-sugar.

Now the part you’re really here for. They’re more ooey-gooey with cheese now, especially if you bite into it fresh out of the oven. Less egg than the old ones. And even though I chose the bacon flavor, there wasn’t much meat taste at all. Well, I did cover it up in hot sauce. But who can resist the call of that pastry?

Earth’s bounty varies from sample to sample.