“The universe is a gigantic place.”

“Do the rules always have to make sense? Maybe apples fall differently in one cluster.”

“Robots are probably the most long-lived of all, metal also being a resource that takes a long time to create and temper. Are we the first space worms to have thought up a metalloid companion? I doubt it!”

My throat grew thick and useless. “Well, what about rust? And radiation?” I stuttered a little bit. “Not to mention a highly-refined energy source–what’s a ‘bot want with glucose?”

“Robots don’t dare travel faster than light; they don’t like what it does to their timekeepers. Not that it’s too much better to the human and his heart.”

“I usually imagine myself as an outsider viewing the universe, though I’ve been trying to see what it’s like to fly a bird’s-eye view. That’s fun.”

“Maybe we’ll be talking to each other through the language of stories, since that’s what we’ll have in common. Everyone knows who Achilles is.”