Now finding myself with a sitting child who is quite contented with his free hands and new-found independence, what did I wish I had in my house when he was a baby?

Feeding a baby

Newborns eat every 1-2 hours during the day, 2-4 hours during the night. An infant’s life revolves around the eating-sleeping cycle.

 + vitamins for mom
you may continue your daily prenatals
note: DHA, Calcium, Iron

 + vitamins for baby
a once daily dose
note: breastmilk contains little Vitamin D, which is synthesized by the infant in the presence of sunlight. For the indoor dwelling baby, once eating solid food, replace this with a multi with iron

 + pure lanolin wax
for application after feeding baby
note: very soothing, babysafe, but will stain clothes

 + nursing bra (4)
soft, cotton, no wire
note: extra leak shield inserts optional

 + OTC pain relief
Tylenol, Advil, Motrin...?
note: have it on hand, but check type with your PCP/OBGYN

 + nursing pillow
helps to support infant during feeding
note: great for newborns, great for learning to sit

Bottling milk

After breastfeeding has become routine for mom and baby (after about a month of age), you may wish to bottle your milk.

 + breastpump, manual and/or electric
get your insurance to provide an electric, and purchase a manual for casual use
note: if you aren't working away from your baby, a manual is likely to satisfy your needs

 + milk storage containers
e.g. freezer bags, fridge capped cups
note: up to 3d in fridge, 3m in freezer, 1y in deep freeze

 + bottles
glass is hygienic and will last through many children
note: don't buy a lot of one kind until you know he likes it

 + bottle brush, sterilizer
without a sterilizer, boil 5+ min to sterilize
note: germaphobe or not, bottles and toys should be sterilized on first use and as needed, but at least quarterly


Those little growing bodies give off a lot of heat – Babies are warm! At any given time of the year, your baby probably wants to wear about as many layers as you do.

 + white bodysuits (6)
layering, lazy days

 + fun bodysuits (6)
every baby needs a few bright colors and patterns

 + baby pants (4)
keep those legs warm

 + socks (20)
these will get lost - wash them in a laundry bag and give up on matching them

 + hat (2)
for head warms

 + jacket
hoodies are great

 + kimonos (2)
classic cotton - no frills clothing for tiny, new babies

 + baby bag (indoor)
polyester will make for warm winter naps

 + baby bag (outdoor)
water/snow proof, buy one with a hole for carseat straps

Staying warm, dry, and CLEAN

it’s easier than you think, with a bit of forethought.

 + Tide Powder
I have not found anything else that works as well on baby stains

 + cotton muslin swaddles (10)
lightweight; limitless uses

 + woven cotton blanket (4)
spring/fall, changing cover

 + knit blankets (4)
stroller, bed, carseat...

 + winter warm blankets (2)
polyester, fuzzy and soft

 + baby towels (3)
soft, absorbent, and light

 + baby soap
gentle and free

 + clean-up cloths (30)
squirrel away small scraps everywhere to wipe up bits of drool

 + nail clippers (2)
baby nails are sharp and grow fast! get a spare.

 + hairbrush/comb
depends on hair length/type
  • Playard AKA “Pack n Play” with changer and dual level playard sheets, mattress

  • Napping swing calm baby, calm parents