cast of characters


astrology apprentice, 18-20yo

  • ‘CEDRIC’

fitness development consultant, 25yo


CEDRIC’S APARTMENT is the same as was in the previous scene, except the glass has been cleaned up. The shards are arranged in the footfall of the door in a starburst pattern; the largest pieces toward the center of the design.

CEDRIC removes his CELLPHONE from his pocket and flips through the notifications. He seems disinterested – though he reads a number of news story titles, he doesn’t click on any to read. He gets to email notifications and the summary details a spam email written in poor English, a phrishing scam. He clicks on it and spends some time reading it.

CEDRIC inadvertently presses ‘back’ in the mail app and gets to the list of messages in the inbox. Sitting unread is a recent message from HERMIONE, using an email address associated with a university.

CEDRIC looks at the message’s summary for quite some time. He decides to open it. When he opens the email, as he reads it, it is being read aloud in HERMIONE’s voice.


I'm sorry if this comes as a surprise to you--