Dear Journal –

My daughter gave me a shark’s tooth she found on the beach today. It was a sweet, touching gesture.

It was invigorating because I had been talking to Lilliana about going into business together. It’s still not going over well. She seems fearful and doubtful that we’ll be able to turn a profit. I keep insisting that profit should be the last thing on our minds but she won’t have it. I will just have to keep trying.

Duane came in at some point to ask about something trivial. That he felt the impulse to interrupt infuriated me.

Nani is the only reason I keep going. She only has so many years left and if I do not immortalize her soon, she may never forgive me once she finds out the truth.

I have methods, I have connections; I just need to make friends, something that’s never been one of my favorite necessities. “Mahalo nui”, what a stupid thing to say. Of course he doesn’t speak – he is from the Old World.

I must continue.

– Makoa