- 3 -

I want to write tonight about my ‘Eldest Sister’: 大姐. She was born in 2312 during the Great Starvation. One of the last born mutts, she was a real ‘vomen–and I say that because of her Norse blood–towering over even genetically altered women of the day. Her strength made her a natural nurse. Serving in the military, she worked to help those injured in the riots. All of us clones have a memory of her life and try to live up to her ideals.

Her genetic code was bought by the military to pay off her debts at the end of her life and went on to serve for centuries. I don’t have a complete memory of all of these clones but luckily for me a number of my sisters’ memories have been downloaded into my own.

I might have been as tall as 大姐 if I hadn’t been stunted. I was born on the black market after a criminal stole a number of clone Lineages from a laboratory on a poorly secured moon. Altering the natural growth of clones is illegal (one of the NEM-laws) but 大姐 is so tall few suspect that I’m biologically maxed out at about 12 years of growth. My regenerative implants are specialized.

The regenerative implants were the first boon that I received. The truth is that I have been better treated as an expensive product for the wealthy than any of my older sisters were. I look little like them. Her bad knees were one of the first things to go. My young hands have the skeleton without the bulk. My eyes are bionic now, which really is a shame because my Lineage has eyes like the endless ocean. I tried to select a hue that honored my , but digitization is always lossy.