- 2 -

New Earth Mandates

(0. Each unique sapient organism has the right to self-preservation.)

  1. Earth is the origin planet of Homo sapiens. Preservation of this planet and its environment is the first right.
  2. All former countries on planet Earth of the seven Continents have been re-established as Historic Zoning Districts. The Republic of Homo-sapiens, of the planet Earth of the planet Sol, selects for its capital the Greater City of New York in the York megalopolis extending from the historic district of Boston to the historic capital of the United States, Washington DC. The head of Earth is called the Regent. The Regent has veto power over the Council of Three, composed of one of each head of state from Earth, Mars, and Venus. These four have absolute authority to enforce the first right.
  3. Current state of the solar system:
    • Sol: mid-life star, healthy
    • Mercury: land explored and mapped
    • Venus: colonized. Humans live in orbiting biomes
    • Earth: endangered. Rescue effort underway
    • Mars: Colony 1 thriving. Focusing on expansion
    • Asteroid Belt: Mining and processing
    • Jupiter: various moon expeditions. Colonization planned.
    • Saturn: like Jupiter, tourist attraction. Some moon activity
    • Uranus&Neptune: military bases / testing. Headquarters of PDF
    • Oort Zone: edges of charted space
  4. As it appears no other spacefaring life exists in the local group, Homo sapiens must survive. Measures taken such as:
    • gov’t supported healthcare
    • funding carbon-green materials, esp. plant-based
    • humans must be social, capitalist hierarchies flattened
    • extensive preservation of existing “world wonders”
    • universal basic income reducing redundant service/clerical positions
    • participation of individuals in “knowledge specialization spheres”
  5. Homo sapiens is the apex predator in all known biomes; it is the only known sapient species. Therefore it has elected itself Lone Shepherd of the local group until such time as the above situation changes.
  6. Earth recognizes a number of sentient creatures that receive protected status including, but not limited to: all domesticated animals, octopuses, dolphins, ravens, chimpanzees, elephants, crows, and rats. Until such time as we may raise them to sapience, we protect them.
  7. Clones (copied from a natural combination) and cyborg augments (at least 50% mechanical) are considered reduced-sapients and have all the day-to-day rights of other humans but are subject to Asimovian restrictions that forbid them from acting in a manner that does not further human interest.
  8. (this clause establishes a number of committees that report directly to the Four that oversee use of resources such as water, sunlight, geothermic processes, minerals, metals, etc.)
  9. Establishment of three exploratory organizations that report directly to the Regent:
    • Space Integrity Monitoring: asteroids, comets, supernovae, esp threats to humanity
    • Sisters of Sol: watches sun activity, provides weather forecasting
    • Planetary Defence Forces: defends homeland against potential invaders