your friend has been trying to improve his gameplay. yours, avael

| Trelaine's Pro-tips

  • don’t take hissing trait if you intend to be doctoring
  • for that matter, any of the go-to-work professions
  • “lazy” is like “elder” for physical activity
  • vampire dueling aspiration (master) doesn’t need to be different people, just fights
  • plantain trees don’t grow in Oasis Springs (poor Tzu)
  • neither does parsley
  • “tetris” is when you clear 4 lines at once with the long straight block
  • complete spellcasting aspirations early; they’re easy
  • plentiful needs potion satisfies some thirst
  • be careful when setting your club activities - they actually do it
  • beware free roughhousing - a dazed sim can’t do much for you
  • pac-ghosts look in the direction they’re going to travel
  • economize action-time by reducing pausing; set a travel point at speed 1 instead of going for the object first
  • stretch during loading screens
  • a pizza is $25 and makes great leftovers
  • hottub is underpowered