cotton knit baby hat


this pattern was done in a variegated 100% cotton worsted weight yarn. I chose cotton as it is low maintenance to clean and does not pill. Acrylic is warm but pills too much after washing for the kind of cap I wanted.


I knit using a US 5, despite the package suggesting a US 7. I knit loosely and wanted a tight stockinette stitch.


64 stitches, fits an average 6m/o in my gauge. If you alter it, make it divisible by eight (# of decrease columns). Perhaps use a circular needle to cast on, then join and transfer to circulars.

stockinette variegated

WORK (1)

first row after joining, knit every stitch. This separates the rib from the edge, setting it straighter. With row 2, start [k2,p2] rib and continue until ribbing is about 2” long; this was about 15 rounds.

WORK (2)

change over to stockinette stitch and knit every row until piece measures 6” total. Check for 16st each per 4 double pointed needles.


decrease 8st(2 per needle) one round, and maintain stitches the next, making the pattern:

  • [k2tog, k6]
  • [k]
  • [k2tog, k5]
  • [k]
  • [k2tog, k4] […]
  • [k2tog, k1]
  • [k]
  • [k2tog]

leaving one stitch on each needle.


cut the working yarn 5” from piece. Thread on to a tapestry needle and thread through remaining stitches, pull through. Weave in ends.