Trrask is the headstrong daughter of a wealthy dwarven noble. She became known in the Wildhammer Clan after claiming lineage through a previously-thought-to-be-extinct line. After an impressive show of athleticism and ability, the clan leaders could hardly refuse her request, regardless of the shaky evidence of her claim of descendance. After all, it was a win-win ; Trrask earned a reputation as a warrior of the Wildhammer and the dwarves added a talented young gryphon-rider to their ranks.

Shortly after her official training ended, she went missing for many years. She was thought to have died, or worse; defected, until word spread that she was traveling around doing odd jobs ; diving in lakes to fetch little girls’ dolls and the like.

She is often seen keeping company with Liu Qifu - a gnome who did ten years ‘hard time’ after being caught stealing from the High Tinker - and the elven warrior Kumaneko “Big Bamboo”.