The following is set to the tune of “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette.

An old Gnoll peeked at his fate: teabags are steeping;
one’s done in a day.
It’s “agi” on your circlét
It’s a totem that’s droppin’ from a “dray-en-a”
Isn’t it nostalgic, don’t ya think –

It’s Morrowgrain after six hundred days
It’s a “B” of Free’ when you’re at HP 3
It’s the gold you lost ‘cause o’ no Elune’s Grace (‘n’)
U gave no Thott, it triggers

Sister Stay ‘n’ Strafe was too trained to cry
She ‘quipped her spirit gear, pissed away the rye…
We waited the whole damn night to get that fight
And as the raid dropped out, he thought,
“We need some new mice…“
And isn’t it nostalgic, don’t you think…

Crusaders three, who hate to pray
The green mean who likes his champagne
It’s the group invite that got AFK fade
Who would have thought, it withers…

Well, the Light has a funny way, of creepin’ up in y’ craw
When y’ think y’ sub’s long gone and any ‘ding’s a bell…
Well, the Light has a funny way, floating on in when
your head’s on wrong and ev’ry spell goes to outer space…

Summon came inside of the gate / a nod to DKP gives your nerves a quake
It’s like twenty dubloons when all u want is a rare
It’s counting the span of my memes, but knowing there’s nothing there…