The first two I translated from Thalassian for your convenience. The third is presented in original Common. All were sent within the same tenday about a sun-year ago, presumably shortly before he started employment for us. To my discerning he has sent no messages since. ~F

Sent by basic encryption to
Vya’thas Eveningburst
Estate of the Crimson Ascent
NE Market District
Silvermoon City

‘Ey Ma.
I finally got a job. A straight one, too, so I hope you’ll be proud of me.
I know I’ve been a pretty lousy son but I’m really tryin’ to make right.
They got me goin’ on assignment so I’m going off the radar for at least a year.
Jus’ wanted to tell you so you don’t get worried.
Love you, Ma.

Sent by premium encryption to
Selene Sunchaser
c/o Xizk Goodstitch
Booty Bay

Hi Honey Buns –
I got a gig. Gotta sign an NDA so we won’t be able to write for a while.
I gotta feeling this one’s gonna set us up real good.
And I’m gonna get to pilot a mech.
OK I’ve told you too much ;P but I’m just psyched.
Babe, if this job goes the way I think it’s gonna, we’re gonna be set.
When I get back, you’re the first one I’m lookin’ for.
Study hard. I have faith in you. I’ll be thinking of you every day.

Sent by premium encryption to
c/o Ormak Grimshot
Hunter’s Hall

Got a gig. Gotta go silent for at least a year.
Gotta ask you to look after Lucy for me.
I owe you one.