One of at least 17 brothers & sisters is the troll wizard Aï’ree. Born of the powerful sorceress Lana, Aï’ree always struggled for her mother’s tutelage. Even an ancient troll only has so many hours in the day. To make matters worse, Aï’ree was a middling child with more enthusiasm than genuine talent. One of her most famous stunts was performing a ‘music concert’ with avatars of the Elements as her ‘backup dancers’. Aï’ree’s lack of severity earned her mother’s ire on more than one occasion.

She accompanied her family on a visit to visit the Onyxian dragon-brood and stumbled upon the human colonists of Theramore. Entranced by their society, she developed a number of novel polymorph-self spells that she used to pass as an Elven student of magic.

Under the pseudonym ‘Eriolanna’, she was known as a veteran of many conflicts. She became an adept of Holy Fire, which could be used to heal or hurt. She would debate the night elven Moon-Priestesses, who to her seemed too eager to mix, rather than divide, the Light and the Void.

Her disguise was revealed and she was sent into exile as a ‘settling of debts’. Her final price for her freedom and life was to leave with the Alliance one of her eyes, now enchanted to reveal her identity as True Sight to the bearer.