sugar cookie recipe

This is the perfect recipe for use with cookie cutters. The powdered sugar will melt slightly, creating almost an icing to the cookie.

  • sift together 3c (360g) AP flour, 1t (6g) baking powder, and 1t (6g) salt
  • place 2 sticks (1c) butter and 1c (200g) sugar in a mixer and beat until light in color
  • to the sugar, add 1 egg and 1T (15g) milk
  • gradually add flour with mixer at low speed
  • beat until mixture pulls away from side of bowl
  • divide in half, wrap in wax paper, refrigerate two hours
  • using powdered sugar as a non-sticking agent, roll out cookie dough to 1/4” thick.
  • cut into shapes and bake 375° for 7-9min to desired doneness