Fluffify me, Cap’n

  • using a double-boiler or a microwave, melt 50g butter
  • remove butter from heat
  • to liquified butter, add 41g granulated sugar & 9g molasses and dissolve as remaining heat allows
  • stir in 2t vanilla & 2 eggs and set aside
  • create soured milk: 1c cow milk, 3/5c oatmilk, 2T vinegar and allow to sit ~5min
  • add milk to butter/sugar and mix throughly (I use an electric mixer)
  • add 124g AP flour, blend until smooth
  • add 6g b.s, 6g salt, 4g b.p, 123g AP flour and blend (gently) until smooth
  • fry on a hot, oiled griddle or cast-iron skillet


  • As per image, center is a pinch moist, although moisture content is conducive to eating later in the day; pancakes are still quite good after a few hours of sitting out.
  • As per image, some of the bubbles created from leavening are a little large. Small bubbles should be evenly distributed – let’s reduce leavening just slightly in next version.
  • In past experiments, I have substituted a banana baby-food pouch for an egg. It worked out quite well and I will continue to try this as an occasional variation.
  • Oatmilk may be able to substitute entirely for cow’s milk but I am concerned about reducing the protein content as well as reducing the efficacy of the vinegar-milk.
  • Pancake is very soft to the touch, ‘like a kitty-cat’, I was told.



pancakes cooked and cooled 30min