cornbread in tin

After making the old recipe a few times, I made some refinements. If you keep leaf lard in your kitchen, please feel free to substitute up to 30g of the butter for lard.

  • in large mixing bowl, combine 160g cornmeal, 110g ap flour, 60g corn flour, 100g sugar, 2g b.soda, 5g b.powder, 10g salt
  • make a hollow in the center of the dry ingredients
  • pour in 1c milk, ½c butter, the latter softened to room temperature or just melted, and ¼c oil such as walnut, coconut, or even olive
  • roughly whip wet ingredients together
  • stir dry ingredients into wet
  • careful not to overbeat, stir in 2 eggs and stir until creamy and fairly homogenous
  • while mixing, stir in 1tsp apple cider vinegar
  • bake 20min or until done at 400°