The origin of human fear of insects dates back to before written word. But why? Does his cousin the gorilla have the same skittishness?

It is a generally known fact that the mass of insects greatly outsizes the mass of humans; it gets even worse when you consider that a human being is constituent bacteria and fluid in addition to sentient parts. Humans research the natural world to concoct these fears without having the mass control of individuals to change it. Watch mosquitos outscale humans late-game.

So let a man have little pity on a bug that needs squishing. Moving is ideal but every setup is different.

There are many insect worlds, but fewer without them. Their dedication to organization is admirable–we could learn a lesson about the importance of rules.

The thoughtlessness of a mosquito is frightening. It needs no training to do its job (to annoy you) very effectively. Termites will eat your home behind your wallpaper.

The intersection of worlds creates fronts that are difficult to counter.