Part 2: Chapter 0

I was the finest star pilot in the galaxy.

But I fell into a black hole and I never came back.


“Yeah man, I was there!”

“No way, no. No you weren’t.”

The Tin Man was unusually sour today. Goldilox had called him up to chat, like he always did. He had had important business to attend to…

“Naw man, I saw it. They got totally toasted. I was just doing one of my third-rates so I didn’t get the best view, but helllll–”

“Yes yes yes. I’m sure.”

“No no, you gotta believe me.” the Golden Child was always full of vigor, that was admittedly part of the charm, but here he was, just poking fun.

“Come on, I’ll tell you all about it. Let’s drop down to a lower channel.”

“What’s the point in saying it? You always do this.”

the Tin Man waited for a response but none came. the Child was always gloating.

After a moment of silence, the tin Man speaks.

“I’ll see you, my friend, on the other side.”