• fact: agewise she’s a rough analogue to the author so born about 1988 - guess she’s the oft forgot BFF, Asian-AMERICAN LIKE HEY! ARNOLD’S PHOEBE

  • fact: she is a “Soo”: compare “Mandarc Soo”, hence her choice of stagename “Tzu Prano” ~ ‘soprano’

  • fact: she has a stagename because she was briefly a minor youtube star making music videos

  • fact: she is actually an orphan & not from the Soo royal family ! t hey were part of her chain of progression from orphan to citizen & she decided to use the name

  • fact: she eventually left her country of origin (roughly Goryeo ~ KOREA) and was adopted by Myrtle who thought she’d be a magical prodigy (if only she’d give up her music career!)

  • fact: Tzu learned a few spells but never showed as much raw aptitude as other students did versus time studied.

  • fact: she decided to forsake the gift [ & it has made all the difference ]