‘Only ‘cause Kirk asked me to.’ I said to myself.


Yet another day at the office. Yet another day dismissed.

I am losing patience. I go to this place day after day – I’m read up on all the medical journals. I’m well-aware of the warnings.

But today, of all days, the new hot-shot decides he’s going to show me up. I say it’s starry eyes, he says it’s bloaty-head and I’m just all

This cannot stand.

But I can do nothing about it today. So I steel myself against the impatience of meatspace.


Captain’s Log - stardate (standard time)

When McCoy arrived home tonight, he was visibly intoxicated, presumably from alcohol since I know he has been known to occasionally indulge in the stuff.


He was visibly impaired, so I assumed a defensive position upon reaction. Unfortunately, I was located in the kitchen at the time, so I was too far away to be able to prevent him from the crime he was about to commit.

Presumably he entered the domicile with something on his mind, probably something from work, on that I can’t specifically comment; but when he came in and recontred the residence, he seemed incensed by Norah playing at the dollhouse. Admittedly the girl was up past her bedtime, and I had mentioned the passage of time to S’chn, but he had seemed reticent to send her to bed. I didn’t make a fuss of it because she didn’t really seem all that tired, but I still stood firm that a firm bedtime instills good habits. Regardless, I didn’t make a fuss of it because it didn’t seem worth fighting about.

Looking back on it, I wish I had because when McCoy came in, he was just in an unordinary Mess. He’d been drinking, but heavily, and seemed viscous in the doorway. He must have seen me, but made a bee-line for the dollhouse.

I had no idea the old man was so strong. I guess the dollhouse hadn’t been made as well as I’d have liked – nails when I should have used joins – but when he went over … WHACK … the roof just split in half. Most of the furniture was intact – which was good because there were some gifts in there – but the roof was splintered.

Norah – well, she didn’t say anything. She didn’t cry, she just stared, kind of wide-eyed, at the whole debacle. She’d seemed kind of on-edge all night, because of the rainstorm, so maybe she was just so tired at this point that it was all she could do to watch.