• In a realm where necrocall, dedeathify exist, why accept death?
    1. that was her will as described to Straud when accepting the Gift
    2. she may not want to return from Elysion
    3. magic used w/o consent on a vampire’s soul changes them
    4. should they return as a vampire? what does that suggest?
  • I had chosen another form of death, I helped make AVAEL and then chose true death. Do you know how to upload oneself into the MATRIX? I don’t. Avaelle Easton uploaded as much information about herself as she could into my datafiles, but does she truly live on in them? that’s up to you to decide.

  • But I have seen another ‘avaelle easton’ walking around town. I was resurrected, cloned, whatever. By whom? I am not what I came from. She is something else than Me. I am not Avaelle and Avaelle is not Me.

  • We believe that once a soul has been sent to Elysion, only for the gravest of needs should we ask for it back.

  • The Dreamers are perhaps an exception, and an unfair one, as the Joy they experience is different, muted perhaps. They are the Police, Stewards, Guardians of Elysion and are better able to perform their duty while in our realm, like reading a book one word at a time instead of imagining it through osmosis.

  • It is the loyalty of a Younger to his Master.

  • I am just beginning to understand New things, as I did when I was first turned. I was newly immortal and yet I felt no more rush, no more joy. I couldn’t smile, I couldn’t laugh. Only the anxiety of a heart crushed without purpose.

  • Where was my heart to keep time until death? Where was my heart, whose warmth helped guide me through life seeking the Joy?

  • Every day I feared what I should and shouldn’t do. Death didn’t scare me but everything else did. Stronger than ever, I worked my muscles yet I had no one to fight. I had passed the portal, I had changed, and yet my life was no longer mine to throw away.

  • My master’s leash loosened every day and I lived in fear of the inevitable. As a mortal, I feared pain, as pain could lead to death. But as a young vampress I feared life, as it was the only pain that remained.

  • To me he was a wizard who’d elevated his favorite dog companion to sentience, preserving intact all former memories to be sorted over in the new Life. Where before I knew only that he was my Master and I was to Follow Him to the End of Days, now I wondered in ways I never had before. Was he good&kind …or… cruel&unjust. And I even hated him for allowing, no, forcing, me to feel the same fear of breath that he surely also knew. If ignorance is bliss, he’d awoken me from the gentlest of dreams.

  • I longed to thoughtlessly romp as I had as a puppy.

  • I longed for the trust I had that I was needed.

  • I longed for the safety of my kennel.

  • But I eventually supposed it was not immortality that I hated, but the beating of my heart that I lacked. My heart was that of a pack dog, never more at home than within my clan all affixed equally to the master’s sled

  • So before you disturb a loyal pet from the throes of Dream, be it Eliza or another cur, think:

  • is all creation benign?